My Little Black Dress


Dress For Change Week

Day One

April 1, 2013


“Simple But Classic”

DSCN2445 (3)




DSCN2446 (2)

My theme for accessorizing my LBD today:


“Simple but Classic”

 -black patent sling-backs

-long strand of pearls

-red lipstick



DSCN2453 (2)




Wearing the same dress for one week…sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. As the week continues, I’ll have to come up with ideas to accessorize my LBD. This will be a challenge for me, partially because we are still experiencing “winter weather” where I live. But I am up for the challenge and look at it as an opportunity to experiment with my style, step out of my personal style comfort zone and create a fresh look every day. I will be posting my “look of the day” on my blog, and will write about how different accessories or even a bold makeup look can transform an outfit.


Is there a certain accessory trend that you are too afraid to 



The Passionate Fashionista, is here to help.

Leave me a comment and I will do my best to incorporate the accessory into my look!


Any and All Feedback Would Be Appreciated


The Passionate Fashionista


Dress For Change


Dress for Change Week

Sheyanne Root

Meet Sheyanne Root

Founder and Creator of “Dress For Change”

Sheyanne is a close friend and fellow “fashion sister”, has dreams to become a fashion designer  and create change in the fashion industry. For her senior project, she founded and created “Dress For Change; a fashion consumerism project which will raise funds to create dresses for little girls in Africa


Making A Difference

The first annual “Dress for Change” Week will be held today through April 7, 2013. Women across America have pledged $5 and vowed to wear the same black dress for one week. For every woman that participates, Sheyanne will sew a dress for a little girl in Africa. All dresses will be sent to Dresses for Africa, a charity organization that has provided over 1.5 MILLION dresses to African girls already.


I don’t know what I am more excited about: having fun with fashion and experimenting with new looks or knowing that by participating in this project, I will be changing the life and future of a little girl. By donating just $5 and taking part in Sheyanne’s project, I will be helping a little girl continue to receive; if a girl is not properly dressed she cannot attend school. Education is so important  and if I can help one girl finish school, then I’ll know that I have made a difference.  These girls will be incredibly thankful to have clothes to wear to school, and not just any type of clothing but a dress.  They will also for the first time, get to experience that feeling; the feeling we have all experienced when we buy a new dress and wear it for the first time. The feeling of confidence and of knowing that we look good; the feeling that we could conquer the world. Hopefully, they will gain self confidence, feel good about themselves, and learn to love themselves; something that every girl struggles with including myself. I hope that this dress is not only a dress to these girls but is a symbol of the bright things the future has to offer them. 


My Message To Sheyanne

Sheyanne, I can’t begin to express how proud of you I am! You combined your love of fashion and the ability to help others and created this amazing project. I am honored to be a part of Dress For Change and you have inspired me to want to make a difference. You said you wanted to make a difference in the fashion world someday, well guess what, you have already made a mark on it. 


Your Fashion Sister, Hayley


Killer (Comfortable) Heels

This is another favorite thing from my fashion collection: Jessica Simpson tri-color suede peep toe ankle-strap pumps. I bought these shoes last year after Christmas at Dillard’s who was having a HUGE sale. These shoes are the perfect accessory for a little back dress and are surprisingly comfortable! If you are looking for a great pair of shoes to wear on New Year’s Eve, buy a pair of Jessica Simpson heels. Trust Me.

Last fall, while attending Teen Vogue Fashion University in NYC, I had the privilege of going to Jessica Simpson’s showroom. Apparently, Jessica Simpson only wears heels, even when she was 9 months pregnant.


Me at The Jessica Simpson showroom

Hope you enjoyed getting another peek into my fabulous fashion collection.

xoxo The Passionate Fashionista

My Fashion Collection

Item of the Day

I am sure most of you would assume that “The Passionate Fashionista” would have quite the collection when it comes to clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc.; and sadly most of you would be right. BUT it is a collection of things that I have built upon throughout my life.

 So each day, I’m going to share something of mine with you. It might be a pair of shoes, earrings I just bought, or a LBD. I will try and post as much information as I can about the item, that way if you like something I share, you can go buy one too. Also, if you need any help with wear to buy an inexpensive trench coat, etc., let me help you; or say you have the perfect dress but need help with accessories, let me help you.  I guess the stylist in me is kicking in and I’m eager to help my readers. I’m curious what you guys are shopping for, what your favorite brands are, what your favorite store is, etc.

Today’s Item

This gorgeous cuff was given to me by my parents for my 20th birthday. Jewelry given to me by members of my family is very special to me. The designer is Rodrigo Otazu of Amsterdam. A close family friend of ours, Angie Casselman is the only U.S. representative that sells his jewelry. However, you can view more Otazu jewelry including: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, etc. On a side note, several of Rodrigo’s pieces were worn by the ladies in “Sex & The City 2.”


***This week only, the week of the 17th, take 20% off the entire site***


I guarantee you will be ooohhhhing and ahhhing over this jewelry.

And remember, it’s never too late to add to your XMAS list.

Until tomorrow,

xoxo The Passionate Fashionista


Thank God It’s Friday!

Today, I felt like I was in my car driving around town all day so I am happy that it’s the weekend. I can’t believe that tomorrow is December 1st! I feel like just yesterday it was summer and I was laying poolside…mmmmmm I’m closing my eyes and imagining…eyes open, it’s cold and December. BUT today, the last day of November, it was nearly 50 degrees! I was so excited at the thought of not having to bundle up and wear a winter coat.


Outfit of the Day




I started  with a basic item, like a short sleeve V-neck tee; try one in a fun color. Then, added a light jacket.

I love the color of my t-shirt; I think it looks great on blondes or “blondes”; I fall in the “blonde” category. I have been dying my hair blonde since I was 11 years old, so for half my life(shhhh)

I decided to add a military style jacket to give my plain tee some edge. I love all the details of the jacket such as the zippered breast pockets and the shoulder detail.

***If you want to try the military trend, look for items such as jackets with details like large buttons, zippers, etc if these accents are gold, even better.; I also think certain silk button down blouses like the ones we all have seen at H&M and Forever 21 are edgy and utilitarian

Add a neutral colored scarf to your jacket for a little extra warmth.

I decided to dig deep in my closet and instead of pulling out a pair of jeans, chose these distressed brown skinny cords

*I feel like people forget about corduroy pants but the Gap makes great skinny cords in good colors

Next I accessorize with gold bracelets. Mines don’t match and range from a $5 Forever 21 bracelet to a David Yurman bracelet (21st BDAY gift!)

I love mixing high-end clothing or jewelry with less expensive pieces, which will give you a unique look

****I am obsessed with my gold spiked bracelet from H&M, (only $4.95); I love how edgy it is

My New Obsession

Bolo Vero Cuoio Lace Up Booties

The things I find in my closet! I had totally forgotten about these Italian leather booties; how is that possible?

Bolo Vero Cuoio describes their boots as punkish and gothic; yes they are different but I think I am drawn to their edginess. Plus I am in love with their color!

Like I have said before, I am usually drawn to classic items with a modern twist but these are anything but classic. I even think they would look great worn with a skirt and brown tights.

*I can think of 2 skirts in my closet right now; one a feminine and romantic blush color skirt that could use a little bit of “punk”

***Question to my readers how would you best describe your style and do you always stick to that style or mix it up?***

Final Look


sans handbag


Fendi vintage crossbody

(Mom I can’t believe you never use this bag)

One Last Thing….

As I first told you, I don’t want this blog to just focus on fashion because fashion is everywhere and achieving true style is more than just having the right clothes. There’s hair, makeup, accessories, etc., and I want to write about all of these things.

In addition to just putting together this outfit, I also tried a current makeup trend because I was curious if I could pull it of

I’m sure everyone has heard, seen or even tried the dark lip color trend. Maybe you have seen it in a magazine but are afraid to try it? Or maybe you have tried it and it was a disaster! That’s where I come in…


The Before Look

*I am fresh-faced wearing mascara and a little bit of concealer

AND after applying my new COVERGIRL BlastFlipstick blendable lip duo in Glimmer

(I only used the darker lip color)


The “After”

*Color is slightly darker than it appears

I love this look. Now I have a “going out” look that doesn’t involve heavy eye makeup!

**Keep in mind that I have only have on mascara; keeping my eyes makeup, natural and simple so it doesn’t overpower the look I am trying to achieve or look like I am wearing too much makeup**

Also, do a little research in order to find what is the best dark lip color for you. Try InStyle magazine. And I would recommend using a lipstick rather than a lip gloss so that your lip color appears more dramatic and lasts longer.

So, those are my latest outfit and makeup looks. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I always love feedback!

It’s supposed to be 50 degrees again tomorrow, yay! Enjoy your weekend, I know I will.

xoxo The Passionate Fashionista

P.S. I would like to thank my stand-in photographer, Adair Kornman. My photographer, McKenna Kornman will return to the Midwest next week


V-neck T-shirt- Target

Jacket- Free People

Pants- Gap

Booties- Bolo Vero Cuiolo

Vintage Crossbody- Fendi

Scarf- Local boutique

Earrings- Forever 21

Bracelets- Spiked: H&M, David Yurman, Others: Forever 21