State of Grace

This is going to be my first simple, to the point post….

I Love Fashion. I Love Reading.

Enter Grace Coddington; the creative director of Vogue who has just released her memoir, “Grace”


Grace Coddington.  Maybe you have heard of her or seen her inThe September Issue“; maybe you haven’t heard of her at all. I fell into the latter category until I attended the Teen Vogue Fashion University in October, where she was the key-note speaker. To my readers who do not know who Grace Coddington is, please watchThe September Issueor buy her memoir.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


Grace Coddington

On Grace,

“Beautiful. Willful. Charming. Blunt.”


ON THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: “Don’t expect me to be in it.” I said, sensing Anna’s eyes glaze over as she looked past me out the window. She has a way of blanking people out when they are saying something she doesn’t care to here.

ON MODELING: My nickname of “The Cod” had caught on. “Cold as a codfish but hot as a four-bar fire,” trilled the headline of a personal profile…which I must say I kind of loved as it made me out to be sizzling and sexy.

ON VOGUE: It was pointless complaining to Anna….because the reply would simply be “This is not a girls’ boarding school. Deal with it yourself.” However, despite outsiders’ elevated view of Vogue as a temple of cool and sophistication, a girls’ boarding school with its sulky outbursts, tears, and schoolgirlish tantrums was exactly what it occasionally resembled.

ON FASHION: Is fashion art? I think it’s sometimes very creative, but I’m not sure I would call it art: that’s pushing it a bit…In fashion photography, rule number one is to make the picture beautiful and lyrical or provocative and intellectual but you still have to see the dress

(source, back cover of “Grace: A Memoir“)

That’s all for me; I’m about to climb into bed with a good book.

Can you guess which one?

xoxo The Passionate Fashionista

My Passion is Fashion. What’s yours?

My Passion is Fashion.

What’s yours?

I don’t know exactly when it happened or why but one day I recognized it for what it was: passion. And my passion was for fashion. The best part of this realization was I was passionate about something; and not just any something but fashion. Romantics describe passion between lovers as a spark; I felt like my passion had lit a fire inside me. My passion for fashion has taken me to great places:  helped me get accepted into a highly competitive fashion conference with some of fashion’s greatest talents 2 years in a row, landing a job working for the amazing Michael Kors, and even has been a huge influence on creating my own blog. I feel very blessed and lucky that I discovered this passion at such a young age, I’m only 22 years old. The possibilities for my future are endless and I am excited to see where my passion will take me.  Some people go their whole lives without finding something they have passion for; what a tragedy.

Seriously, what are you passionate about?

Having something that you are passionate about your  life is important. Maybe you recognize that you also have a passion for fashion but have no idea what your next step in pursuing fashion would be.. First, I would have to tell you, congratulations! You have a passion in life!  So, if you are someone like me, who loves fashion and fashion magazines, I would recommend a great first step would be  creating an “inspiration board” (or binder in my case). If you are a very visual personal like myself, being able to see your ideas is helpful.  Maybe you are obsessed with the “Oxblood” trend; my advice would be to clip some pictures out of magazines. Grab a few fashion magazines, and start cutting. I would start by finding pictures of clothes in that color, a celebrity dressed in that color, accessories like jewelry that you could pair with it and maybe find an editorial that incorporates this trend. Then, find a board or use a binder and put all these pictures together. You will end up with one very cool look book. This may sound like a boring project that is a waste of time but trust me it isn’t. As I said in my “Queen of Magazines” post, this is something that I started doing when I was just starting out and now I have 5 categorized binders that showcase things that I like and they also give me inspiration on topics to blog about.  Pinterest would also be a great tool for you to use in creating boards of things that you like….Maybe you are a quotes fanatic (don’t worry you aren’t alone) pin some quotes you admire to your board, some words of wisdom, you will feel inspired every time you look at your board.

One of My Favorites


Marilyn Monroe

So, how are you pursuing your passion?

Updating and adding to my inspiration binder is one thing that motivates me to continue to pursue fashion; it makes me want to read about  the next great trend or the next great designer. It keeps me going. LAME I KNOW LOL.  As for my readers, my advice is to try pursuing your passion in some aspect everyday so you can ignite that spark within yourself that keeps you going. I know that most people aren’t as lucky as me to have a job that they are passionate about but I hope they find passion in another aspect of their life. Use your passion as motivation and pursue that passion with all your heart.

  ***However if there comes a time, when you have lost that passion, someone in the fashion industry said it best,

“The day you lose passion for something, stop doing it.” –Grace Coddington, Creative Director of Vogue

Grace, I hope there never comes a day when I lose my “passion for fashion”

Just watch where I go!


xoxo The Passionate Fashionista