Happy Monday, Happy Game Day!

Happy Monday!


I hope you all have had a great weekend and are having a good start to the week.

In my last post, I mentioned starting an “Ask The Passionate Fashionista Series” where my readers could send me questions they have about fashion, beauty, style.etc. Well I want to announce that today kicks off my first “Ask the Passionate Fashionista Discussion.” There are so many aspects of fashion and styling, and I feel like by opening this discussion board, we can learn from one another. I am the first person to say that there is more than one way to look at fashion. Please leave me a comment or question and I will post it so other bloggers and readers can weigh in. I’m very excited about starting this series of posts that I know we can all learn from.


**I am really looking forward to reading your questions; so please don’t be shy, ask away!**

One Final Note…

There is a big game on tonight, Notre Dame vs. Alabama

I am a huge Notre Dame fan, not because their team is the best but because of my Dad.


My Dad

His Stats at Notre Dame


Russ Kornman

205 lbs
West High School
**Sadly his career ended in 1975, when he tore his ACL; surgery to fix his ACL was rare in the seventies**
My dad played with Joe Montana and the infamous “Rudy” (who it turns out wasn’t a hot-shot)
It’s very cool and a definite “bragging right” when I tell people that my dad played for Notre Dame; I think its very cool too.
So tonight, you will find me at a sports bar sitting next to my dad cheering on his team, The Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish.
Go Irish!
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and raise a glass to the Fightin’ Irish!!!
The Passionate Fashionista

Sunday Pick-Me-Up

Today is Sunday, which means that tomorrow is Monday. Our nice holiday weekend that was spent with friends and family is over whether we like it or not. Shopping at midnight or Black Friday and getting the most amazing deals at Target or eating until we are completely full on Turkey Day, or getting to watch Notre Dame’s amazing win over USC are behind us. Tomorrow we have to wake up and go to school, work, etc., and for most of you, including myself you are anxious and not excited about the coming week. Well, ladies, I have the perfect Sunday pick me up, that you can look at all week

We have all heard of the legendary perfume Chanel No. 5  but a new spokesman has made the perfume “Simply Irresistible”

Brad Pitt

Yes, Brad Pitt is the new spokesman for Chanel No. 5;  and might I add look sexier as than ever!

***Note to readers, I did not post this so you can spend all week gazing at this gorgeous man on your computer, phone, tablet,etc.
Chanel No.5
But wait, there’s more……a commercial for Chanel No.5 featuring Brad Pitt
You can find it on my tumblr site: http://thepassionatefashionista.tumblr.com
So, tonight, pour yourself a glass of wine, watch this commercial (as many times as you want 😉
 Tonight don’t focus on tomorrow, focus on Brad. #Beauty
P.S. tomorrow is Cyber Monday so if you want a bottle of Chanel No.5 for XMAS, buy it!
There’s no shame in treating yourself to a few things for the holidays, just put it in your stocking and say its from Santa.
I promise, I won’t tell.
xoxo The Passionate Fashionista
***If the fragrance Chanel No.5 is not for you, I would recommend that you try Chance by Chanel. It comes in three scents, one that will surely be perfect for you. I own the pink Chance by Chanel and can’t get enough of it.