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Dress for Change Week

Sheyanne Root

Meet Sheyanne Root

Founder and Creator of “Dress For Change”

Sheyanne is a close friend and fellow “fashion sister”, has dreams to become a fashion designer ¬†and create change in the fashion industry. For her senior project, she founded and created “Dress For Change; a fashion consumerism project which will raise funds to create dresses for little¬†girls in Africa.¬†


Making A Difference

The first annual “Dress for Change” Week will be held today through April 7, 2013. Women across America have pledged $5 and vowed to wear the same black dress for one week. For every woman that participates, Sheyanne will sew a dress for a little girl in Africa. All dresses will be sent to Dresses for Africa, a charity organization that has provided over 1.5 MILLION dresses to African girls already.


I don’t know what I am more excited about: having fun with fashion and experimenting with new looks or knowing that by participating in this project, I will be changing the life and future of a little girl. By donating just $5 and taking part in Sheyanne’s project, I will be helping a little girl continue to receive; if a girl is not properly dressed she cannot attend school. Education is so important ¬†and if I can help one girl finish school, then I’ll know that I have made a difference. ¬†These girls will be incredibly thankful to have clothes to wear to school, and not just any type of clothing but a dress. ¬†They will also for the first time, get to experience that feeling; the feeling we have all experienced when we buy a new dress and wear it for the first time. The feeling of confidence and of knowing that we look good; the feeling that we could conquer the world. Hopefully, they will gain self confidence, feel good about themselves, and learn to love themselves; something that every girl struggles with including myself. I hope that this dress is not only a dress to these girls but is a symbol of the bright things the future has to offer them.¬†


My Message To Sheyanne

Sheyanne, I can’t begin to express how proud of you I am! You combined your love of fashion and the ability to help others and created this amazing project. I am honored to be a part of Dress For Change and you have inspired me to want to make a difference. You said you wanted to make a difference in the fashion world someday, well guess what, you have already made a mark on it.¬†


Your Fashion Sister, Hayley


March Madness


This is one of my favorite times of the year for two reasons: Spring, and NCAA March Madness


The Perfect Combination

This editorial immediately caught my eye; it brings together my love of fashion with a certain “madness”. ¬†Using bright colors, killer prints and bold styling, each of these looks proves that March Madness is happening both on and off the court.



MM 1

MM 2

MM 3

MM 4

Source: Harper’s Bazaar March 2013

Photographs by Tommy Ton


***Bet you never would have guessed that “The Passionate Fashionista” is obsessed with March Madness***


So whether you lean more towards fashion, bball, or both,




The Passionate Fashionista


Dress For Change

Dress For Change

Inspired by: “The Uniform Project


“How many of you have ever said, ‚Äú Ugh, I have nothing to wear!‚ÄĚ I sure am guilty of it. When reality is, most of us have a closet full of clothing but our lack of accessorizing and realization of our closet‚Äôs potential forces us to believe our closet is empty. While we are all coveting over the latest trends and designer collections, there are little girls in foreign countries who cannot afford a dress for school, forcing them to stay home and continue to stay uneducated. Do not get me wrong; staying up to date on trends and latest fashions is definitely not a bad thing. Being the fashionista I am, I encourage all of you to be your own little fashion icons but I have developed a project that can benefit not only you but underprivileged girls as well.”

-Sheyanne Root


Sheyanne (left)  and Me


Sheyanne Root, a close friend and fellow fashionista, has always dreamed of being a fashion designer and making a change in the fashion industry. Well, she is getting a head start on making a name for herself. Her senior project called “Dress For Change” will be her first step in making a¬†difference¬†in the “Fashion World”.¬†

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sheyanne  about her project and how you and I can make a difference.

Q: Sheyanne, tell us about “Dress For Change”

A: Dress for Change is a fashion consumerism project which will raise funds to create dresses for little girls in Africa.

Q: Where did your inspiration come from for this project?

A: As I was brainstorming on the possibilities I had for my project, I came across the Uniform Project, which is a fashion consumerism project that raised funds for education. A girl, (Sheena Matheiken)  vowed to wear the same Little Black Dress for 365 Days. She changed up her outfit everyday by accessorizing differently. Burns High School took part in this project for the first time last spring. I was fortunate enough to participate and had the opportunity to be a guest blogger and wrote a few pieces for newspapers about the project and my personal experiences. The project taught me so much about my closet’s potential and accessorizing and I only wore the same dress for 7 days.


Q: Wow! 7 days I think I could manage but 365 days, that takes dedication. How did you switch up your outfits?

A: Well here is a photo journal of my experience last spring of the Little Black Dress Project. 

Here is my Little Black Dress. This is Day Number One. Today I am wearing just the H&M Dress without any accessories! 
 Day Number Two!
I added a Forever 21 Polka Dot half shirt, red Hollister cardigan, Old Navy cream scarf, black nylons, and silver Marc Fisher ballet flats. My friend to the left participated as well. She did not have a black dress so she sported a black pencil skirt all week.
 Day Three
Today I added plum colored tights from Gap and a floral scarf. The three ladies next to me participated as well and give great example on how to add scarfs, shirts, belts, and footwear to add to your blank canvas of a dress!
Day Four
Today I added a red pencil skirt from Maurices over my dress. I paired it with a metallic belt! I also added some vintage square earrings for an extra touch! 
 Day Five
Today I added an a-line grey skirt from Gap over the dress. I also paired it with a leopard print eternity scarf and a red lip! 
Day Six
Today I added a leopard print cardigan from old navy as well as a red scarf from Down East Basics. I decided to pair this outfit with an American Eagle Outfitters fedora to give it a little extra touch.
Day Seven
The Final Day! Today I added a forever 21 striped tee and hot pink hoop earrings!
 I am loving every single one of those looks. They are all so unique and creative. Accessories really can make an outfit!
Q: How Can I Get Involved?

A: All you have to do is visit lbddressforchange.blogspot.com to register. Steps to register are on the site. You will pay a $5 pledge and vow to wear a little black dress for a week. By wearing your dress for a week, you will be raising awareness for these underprivileged girls in Africa. Your goal is to accessorize differently throughout the week to create the illusion that it is an entirely different outfit. By doing this simple task, you will be changing the life of one little girl.


Q: When is Dress for Change?

A: Dress for Change week will be held April 1st- 7th. You can join in with many other girls from all over the world. From the United Kingdom to Virginia and Oregon to Dubai.


Q: Who is making these dresses?

A: I, Sheyanne Root, am the founder of “Dress For Change.” I am a senior in high school in Burns, Oregon. I vow to make a dress for every woman who signs up. So far, I have made ¬†just over 30 dresses to make and am eagerly waiting to make many more.



Sample Dress Pattern

For more information visit lbddressforchange.blogspot.com or email Sheyanne at lbddressforchange@gmail.com!


Join In & Let’s Make A Difference Together!






Join Me &Participate in “Dress For Change”


One Final Word From Founder, Sheyanne Root:

“Accessorizing for a week was challenging at times but very fun! I enjoyed the experience and I feel confident you all can do it! As you can see, It doesn’t take a plethora of clothing to do this. Adding simple pieces can entirely change your outcome! I hope this gives you hope and you now feel more confident about the Dress For Change Week!”


The Passionate Fashionista


I will be keeping a photo journal of how I¬†accessorize¬†my LBD during “Dress For Change” Week

****For More Information On The Uniform Project, visit www.theuniformproject.com***

Paris Fashion Week


 FALL 2013 RTW


When I think of fashion, I think of Paris.


The Lights, The Glitz, The Glamour

And at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, a few collections really stood out, especially Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 RTW

“It was Saint Laurent’s Achievement to make fashion unfashionable. He transformed the fashion diktat into a fashion yearning.”

-Laurence Benaim

(Icons of Fashion- The 20th Century)

The late Saint Laurent ‚Äď a rare fashion genius ‚Äď still touches an emotional chord and makes people nostalgic for a bygone elegant era. Such folk suffer serious fashion amnesia, forgetting that from 1987, Saint Laurent‚Äôs ready-to-wear shows were stilted affairs. Instead, they recall how Saint Laurent was the master of color and cut, the creator of Le Smoking and other steeped-in-chic pieces.

Flash Forward- 2013

ABC news reported, “As the sun set on the great glass ceiling of Paris’ Grand Palais Monday, the eyes of the fashion crowd turned on one man: Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane.”¬†Hedi Slimane debuted ¬†his second Saint Laurent collection, an anti-Laurent style show; his inspiration: “California Grunge.”












The Grand Finale

This was Hedi Slimane’s second ready-to-wear show for the re-branded YSL and he had a lot to prove. As demonstrated by dropping the ‚ÄėYves‚Äô from the brand‚Äôs name and getting rid of the iconic ‚ÄėYSL‚Äô typeface, Slimane wants to rejuvenate the revered French fashion house.¬†The fashion milieu has changed ‚Äď mindless sensuality and youth rule, the term ‚Äėchic‚Äô could be construed as sexless ¬†– and Slimane has tapped into the mood.

What do you think of Saint Laurent’s New Look?

Did you have a favorite show at Paris Fashion Week?


The Passionate Fashionista

What’s White Now


The Achromatic Statement

If you pick up any current fashion magazine right now, you will see the same color trends carry over in each magazine. ¬†Right now it’s all about black & white (MOD), a combination of royal blue, cherry red, and bright yellow for a sporty vibe, silver, and pastel colors ranging from baby blue to mint green. However, what you don’t’ see is white. This editorial showcases how the color white is a breath of fresh air and how each of these Achromatic looks make their own individual statements.



White 1

***Pearlescent pieces light up the stark futuristic landscape***

white 2

STYLE TIP- Update all-white with extra volume and feminine detail

white 3

white 4

***Discover Spring’s new crop of knee-length dresses***

white 5

white 6 (2)

white 7

white 8

white 9

STYLE TIP- Dust up in soft ruffles and sleek suiting

white 10

white 11

white 12

Dare To Try This Look?


Charlize Theron in Christian Dior at the Oscar’s



The Passionate Fashionista


Hey everyone! ¬†I am still sick and have contracted laryngitis, so I am without a voice.¬†However I have been watching the fashion shows at NYFW LIVE on Style.com…what a great way to take in a fashion show and to almost feel like you were there. I will share with ¬†you my favorite looks ¬†from various Fall 2013 RTW shows in my next post. For now, I am tuning in LIVE to Monique Lhuillier‘s Fall 2013 RTW show.
Monique backstage with¬†Bridget Moynahan¬†and Nashville‘s¬†Connie Britton.
The secret is now OUT! I am working with my friend Hillary (of ¬†The Brunette Shake) ¬†to launch our very own magazine called Hayles and Hillary.¬†Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook¬†and Follow us on Twitter @HaylesandHill!
The Passionate Fashionista
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Cupcakes in Bed


Dear Readers,


I have been laid up in bed since Saturday¬†with a bad cold that won’t go away, AND if being sick isn’t bad enough, I was sick on my BIRTHDAY on the 3RD! However, I have decided that I will just celebrate the whole month of February, which includes eating cupcakes all month. Anyways, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and with some antibiotics, should be up and blogging all about the glitz, glamour and fabulous¬†fashion and music at the Grammy Awards LIVE this Sunday!







4Blair in bed Gossip girl




The Passionate Fashionista



The Golden Girl

Blake Lively: Golden Girl

You guys have probably been wondering why Blake Lively is the background on my blog

It’s simple,

 Blake Lively is my Fashion Icon

¬†I¬†first saw Blake¬†Lively sporting her long blonde tresses in the movie, ‚ÄúThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.‚Ä̬†Then¬† in September 2007, ‚ÄúGossip Girl‚ÄĚ based on the bestselling book series premiered on the CW.¬†Her breakout role as¬†the beautiful but¬†troubled teenage socialite Serena van der Woodsen on¬†the show, sealed her fate as the ultimate fashion ‚ÄúIt Girl‚ÄĚ in my book. Not only did viewers tune in to watch drama unfold on NYC‚Äôs Upper East Side but also to see the elaborate outfits created by the show‚Äôs costume designer, Eric Daman. Lively‚Äôs character is the ultimate Fashionista, always looking put together from head to toe; in a sense, Blake‚Äôs personal style reflects her TV character.¬†In an interview with Glamour magazine, Lively confessed¬†that she does not have a stylist but rather puts together her own outfits, often using the fashion knowledge she acquired while starring¬†on GG.¬† When she wasn’t playing Serena¬†van der Woodsen, Blake was¬†busy playing a young¬†drugged out single mom in “The Town”. She met her future husband, Ryan Reynolds, when she was cast as his love interest in “The Green Lantern” and most recently starred in the summer blockbuster “Savages.”¬†¬†Over the past few years Blake has not only solidified her status in Hollywood as a great actress but has emerged as the girl with a killer fashion sense both on and off the red carpet. Her go to red carpet look is a feminine yet sexy dress, heels and a statement piece of jewelry. Lively walked the red carpet at the BAFTA awards in a light blue lace Marchesa gown. She can be seen wearing everything from a neon pink Michael Kors dress, to an Elie Saab royal blue pant suit, to a fabulous gown by¬†designer Prabal Gurung. With her flowing blonde tresses, flawless makeup and impeccable style, Blake¬†Lively will continue to stay in the spotlight and remain my personal fashion icon.¬†



Full Name: Blake Christina Lively

Birthdate: August 25, 1987

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’10″
Birthplace: Tarzana, California, USA
Currently Resides In: New York (to film Gossip Girl) but splits time between Los Angeles and NY
Parents: Ernie and Elaine Lively
Siblings: Lori, Robyn [sisters], Jason and Eric [brothers]

Favorite Movie: Waiting for Guffman

Favorite Food: Sprinkles cupcakes and Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Favorite Music: Chet Baker, Billy Holiday, Daughtry, Britney Spears
Pets: a poodle named Penny
Education: High school (Burbank High School) (College of choice is Stanford University)

Marital StatusMarried to Ryan Reynolds: September 14th, 2012-Present

  • Has stated that she is rather self conscious about being tall. (She’s a little over 5’10”.) So much so, that she actually dislikes wearing heels.
  • Lively was chosen by designer Karl Lagerfeld as the “face” of Chanel’s new “Mademoiselle” handbag line in January 2011
  • She was named the face of the ad campaign for Gucci’s new fragrance ‚ÄúPremiere‚ÄĚ in September 2012
  • Trademark- Long blonde hair; Beauty mark underneath right eye
  • Lists her favorite designers as: Michael Kors, Versace, Carolina Herrera, etc.

(Source-IMBD.com,  http://blakelivelyweb.com/information/)


ON ACTING:¬† “With acting, I think half of it is just acting confident. We stand on these red carpets and pose in these dresses, but we’re all only so confident. It doesn’t mean we think we’re great looking or anything. It’s all a fa√ßade.”

ON FAMILY: ”¬†I probably feel the most alive when I’m with my family and also when I’m cooking, and those normally coincide with each other. I love to cook for my family, that’s the best. I have all my nieces and nephews there, and you really use your hands and it’s such an experience for all the senses; for the touch, for the smell, for the sight, so you feel really alive.”

ON HER LIFESTYLE: I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I grew up with the mindset that after work you go to dinner and watch a movie. I don’t want to go to a club and not wear panties.

ON NOT HAVING A STYLIST: “When I’m going to an event, I’ll send Christian (Louboutin) a picture of my outfit and say, `What shoes do you think I should wear with this?'” (Elle.com)

ON RELATIONSHIPS: Yeah, I don’t comment on my relationships… My anonymity is something I treasure. Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different.¬†¬†¬†(Before becoming Mrs. Ryan Reynolds)

ON KIDS-¬†“I hope to have a few girls one day. If not girls, they better be trannies. Because I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories that need to be appreciated.” (Elle.com)

ON THE FUTURE:” I want babies. Lots of babies. Of course!”

¬†¬†” I want to have a brunch place, a bakery, and a Southern restaurant – because my family’s from Georgia – and then I want a place that is all-over-the-world cuisine. I take a cooking class everywhere I travel. I find it’s the best way to get to know a culture. It’s what people bring to the family every day, what they break bread over – it’s a very intimate thing.”

-Source: IMBD