Dress For Change


Dress for Change Week

Sheyanne Root

Meet Sheyanne Root

Founder and Creator of “Dress For Change”

Sheyanne is a close friend and fellow “fashion sister”, has dreams to become a fashion designer  and create change in the fashion industry. For her senior project, she founded and created “Dress For Change; a fashion consumerism project which will raise funds to create dresses for little girls in Africa


Making A Difference

The first annual “Dress for Change” Week will be held today through April 7, 2013. Women across America have pledged $5 and vowed to wear the same black dress for one week. For every woman that participates, Sheyanne will sew a dress for a little girl in Africa. All dresses will be sent to Dresses for Africa, a charity organization that has provided over 1.5 MILLION dresses to African girls already.


I don’t know what I am more excited about: having fun with fashion and experimenting with new looks or knowing that by participating in this project, I will be changing the life and future of a little girl. By donating just $5 and taking part in Sheyanne’s project, I will be helping a little girl continue to receive; if a girl is not properly dressed she cannot attend school. Education is so important  and if I can help one girl finish school, then I’ll know that I have made a difference.  These girls will be incredibly thankful to have clothes to wear to school, and not just any type of clothing but a dress.  They will also for the first time, get to experience that feeling; the feeling we have all experienced when we buy a new dress and wear it for the first time. The feeling of confidence and of knowing that we look good; the feeling that we could conquer the world. Hopefully, they will gain self confidence, feel good about themselves, and learn to love themselves; something that every girl struggles with including myself. I hope that this dress is not only a dress to these girls but is a symbol of the bright things the future has to offer them. 


My Message To Sheyanne

Sheyanne, I can’t begin to express how proud of you I am! You combined your love of fashion and the ability to help others and created this amazing project. I am honored to be a part of Dress For Change and you have inspired me to want to make a difference. You said you wanted to make a difference in the fashion world someday, well guess what, you have already made a mark on it. 


Your Fashion Sister, Hayley


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