Paris Fashion Week


 FALL 2013 RTW


When I think of fashion, I think of Paris.


The Lights, The Glitz, The Glamour

And at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, a few collections really stood out, especially Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 RTW

“It was Saint Laurent’s Achievement to make fashion unfashionable. He transformed the fashion diktat into a fashion yearning.”

-Laurence Benaim

(Icons of Fashion- The 20th Century)

The late Saint Laurent – a rare fashion genius – still touches an emotional chord and makes people nostalgic for a bygone elegant era. Such folk suffer serious fashion amnesia, forgetting that from 1987, Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear shows were stilted affairs. Instead, they recall how Saint Laurent was the master of color and cut, the creator of Le Smoking and other steeped-in-chic pieces.

Flash Forward- 2013

ABC news reported, “As the sun set on the great glass ceiling of Paris’ Grand Palais Monday, the eyes of the fashion crowd turned on one man: Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane.” Hedi Slimane debuted  his second Saint Laurent collection, an anti-Laurent style show; his inspiration: “California Grunge.”












The Grand Finale

This was Hedi Slimane’s second ready-to-wear show for the re-branded YSL and he had a lot to prove. As demonstrated by dropping the ‘Yves’ from the brand’s name and getting rid of the iconic ‘YSL’ typeface, Slimane wants to rejuvenate the revered French fashion house. The fashion milieu has changed – mindless sensuality and youth rule, the term ‘chic’ could be construed as sexless  – and Slimane has tapped into the mood.

What do you think of Saint Laurent’s New Look?

Did you have a favorite show at Paris Fashion Week?


The Passionate Fashionista



  1. caroline1t · March 8, 2013

    I really like the clothes! There are some great pieces…. I still call it YSL though…..

  2. Girls Best Friend and Co · March 11, 2013

    Yes, Saint Laurent had a colorful past to say the least. I think this grunge inspired look is great departure from the original house of Saint Laurent.

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