What’s White Now


The Achromatic Statement

If you pick up any current fashion magazine right now, you will see the same color trends carry over in each magazine.  Right now it’s all about black & white (MOD), a combination of royal blue, cherry red, and bright yellow for a sporty vibe, silver, and pastel colors ranging from baby blue to mint green. However, what you don’t’ see is white. This editorial showcases how the color white is a breath of fresh air and how each of these Achromatic looks make their own individual statements.



White 1

***Pearlescent pieces light up the stark futuristic landscape***

white 2

STYLE TIP- Update all-white with extra volume and feminine detail

white 3

white 4

***Discover Spring’s new crop of knee-length dresses***

white 5

white 6 (2)

white 7

white 8

white 9

STYLE TIP- Dust up in soft ruffles and sleek suiting

white 10

white 11

white 12

Dare To Try This Look?


Charlize Theron in Christian Dior at the Oscar’s



The Passionate Fashionista

One comment

  1. epilepticfashion · March 12, 2013

    Love this! ❤ Great looks.

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