State of Grace

This is going to be my first simple, to the point post….

I Love Fashion. I Love Reading.

Enter Grace Coddington; the creative director of Vogue who has just released her memoir, “Grace”


Grace Coddington.  Maybe you have heard of her or seen her inThe September Issue“; maybe you haven’t heard of her at all. I fell into the latter category until I attended the Teen Vogue Fashion University in October, where she was the key-note speaker. To my readers who do not know who Grace Coddington is, please watchThe September Issueor buy her memoir.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


Grace Coddington

On Grace,

“Beautiful. Willful. Charming. Blunt.”


ON THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: “Don’t expect me to be in it.” I said, sensing Anna’s eyes glaze over as she looked past me out the window. She has a way of blanking people out when they are saying something she doesn’t care to here.

ON MODELING: My nickname of “The Cod” had caught on. “Cold as a codfish but hot as a four-bar fire,” trilled the headline of a personal profile…which I must say I kind of loved as it made me out to be sizzling and sexy.

ON VOGUE: It was pointless complaining to Anna….because the reply would simply be “This is not a girls’ boarding school. Deal with it yourself.” However, despite outsiders’ elevated view of Vogue as a temple of cool and sophistication, a girls’ boarding school with its sulky outbursts, tears, and schoolgirlish tantrums was exactly what it occasionally resembled.

ON FASHION: Is fashion art? I think it’s sometimes very creative, but I’m not sure I would call it art: that’s pushing it a bit…In fashion photography, rule number one is to make the picture beautiful and lyrical or provocative and intellectual but you still have to see the dress

(source, back cover of “Grace: A Memoir“)

That’s all for me; I’m about to climb into bed with a good book.

Can you guess which one?

xoxo The Passionate Fashionista

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  1. epilepticfashion · December 12, 2012

    Cant wait to read it!

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