Hi, I’m Hayley

I am a vivacious, funny, down-to-earth 22 year old who is addicted to fashion magazines.

The first thing people notice about me is my outgoing personality. I am not a shy person, and am not afraid to go up to someone and strike up a conversation. A person might also notice my fashion sense and personal style.. I would describe my style as classic but modern with a twist. I love putting on a white shirt and jeans and adding my own touches. Accessories, can definitely make an outfit; personally I love adding jewelry, a scarf, a great pair of shoes, etc. to make my outfits my own. I am willing to try a new trend if I know it will work for me. If you opened my closet, you would see my huge collection of jackets, sweaters, shoes, and handbags.

Fashion is my passion. Currently, I work as a sales assosciate at Michael Kors but my dream is to be  a stylist. I feel like the term “styling” is such a broad word; personally I would enjoy trend forecasting. visual merchandising, incorportating my styling with my love of photography, or being a personal shopper.

Creating a blog was also something I wanted to do someday and I guess today is that day. I’ve learned so much about fashion over the past decade of my life and I want share what I have learned. I am so excited about this blog and to share my passion for fashion with you.


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